Solano County Paranormal

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Welcome !

  Solano County Paranormal is a Fairfield based group founded in 2013. We are dedicated to using logic,  compassion, wisdom, and technology to separate fact from fiction when determining the type of activity occurring at a home, business, or other location.Through research and scientific investigation, we will document evidence of the paranormal and debunk explainable paranormal claims. Our goal is to provide a free, confidential, non judgmental, and thorough investigation service to our clients as well as ourselves.  After each investigation we will present our findings to our clients.  We respect our clients right to privacy and will not release any information about their case that they wish to be kept confidential.  

  We are also available to listen, advise and offer support and comfort to those who are experiencing frightening activity in their homes. We understand that some people may not want to talk about their experiences with family or friends. We will hear you out with an open mind and can help you make sense of what you are experiencing. We can pray with you, offer advice and information or just listen. In some cases we can perform house blessings/cleansing and provide access to clergy.


We provide our services to Solano County and surrounding areas. Solano County includes Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Dixon, Vallejo, Benicia and Rio Vista as well as the unincorporated communities of Allendale, Birds Landing, Cordelia, Elmira, Rockville and Green Valley. We are also available to serve surrounding counties such as Yolo, Napa, Contra Costa, Sonoma and Sacramento counties.